A downloadable game for Windows

about this game:

this is my first game and it was made for 'the back to school game jam' (topic = trees). 

in the platformer 'panda's treefarm' you play as a panda who's goal it is to reach the top of random generated trees and collect all the bamboo on the way there.

it was made with gamemaker studio 2, aseprite and bfxr.

font used: 'orthogonal' by csanyk

i intended to add a settings menu and fix some more bugs but i managed to corrupt my source code and i have no backup so i prolly wont fix anything anymore..

Install instructions

how to install:

  • unzip 'Panda's Treefarm.zip'
  • open 'Panda's Treefarm.exe'
  • have fun! 


  • movement: wasd or arrowkeys 
  • jumping: space
  • pause: esc
  • fullscreen: f11
  • window size: + or -
  • music on/off: *
  • sfx on/off: /


Panda's Treefarm.zip 3 MB


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Hey there! I absolutely enjoyed your game and had some laughs! Here's a little video i made!

hey thank you! and i love your video c: