(note: tested and works on firefox 7.1, if it doesn't work in your browser of choice you can also download the windows .exe down below)

go! BABSI 

This is the first time in my life I made a 3D game, I hope you guys like it.

It's not much, just a little prototype. 

I maybe will continue to work on this after the GameJam is over but idk yet..

It's made in Godot Engine 3.1 with the help of Cinema 4D and Blender.


It only uses two buttons, but there are different kinds of 2-button pairs you can use to play this game:

- A & D Keys

- Left Arrow & Right Arrow Keys

- Left Mouse & Right Mouse Buttons

- CTRL & Space Keys

- DPAD (Controller)

To pause the game you need to press "Escape" or "Start/Select"

To navigate through the menus use "WASD or the Arrow Keys" and to accept something use "Space / CTRL / Enter"..

I hope you enjoy the game and thank you for playing..

Windows Executable Download, Linux Executable Download, Source Code & Soundtrack is below.

Source Code


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Source Code

Development log


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does it work on chrome?